Forum Thread: Exporting a Ready Track from Garage Band

I started making podcasts with GarageBand only recently. And I have encountered a disturbing problem: when I export a ready track to iTunes it is exported not fully but from a random point within the track. How can I make sure my tracks are fully exported from the very beginning?

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My friends call me Stevee and I'm very new at Garage Band. Home computer is a PC w/Vista (I know, I know...) and I use to know what the two platforms did over a million years ago (computer history; e.g., 1985.) I am a musician with experiences from Teac (tape) 4-Tracks to ProTools (runs better on a Mac - sorry PC users.) I currently am also learning about Audacity and I'm kinda thrilled to see it mentioned here. I'm kind of an ass sometimes, so please regard my impatience to enthusiasm. I currently have Garage Band for iPhoneI and will convert to iPad ver. in the near future. I will study the information already listed here on using the two softwares (Audacity & BG) and will greatly appreciate any and all submissions on the subjects. And, IF I find myself qualified to answer a question, I will be only to happy to help. Thanx.

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