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Forum Thread: Upload Sound Recording to GarageBand (Do Not Own Computer)

Title says it all basically. I just own an iPhone 5 and I recorded something on the basic sound recorder that I'd like to upload to SoundCloud. I know that you can upload songs to SoundCloud with GarageBand so I've been trying to find a way to get this recording onto GarageBand without the aid of a computer. I downloaded an audio conversion app to make it an MP3 instead of a m4a. I downloaded drop box, as well as a few other sound recording programs just to see if I could find one that would ...

Forum Thread: Pre Settings for Guitar

Hi, My son is going to music gymnasium and plays a lot with Garageband. The biggest problem is that he don't get the sound he wants from hes electrical guitar. And it's a lot of work getting the sound as you like. Specially if you are not a Garageband (or any music software) expert user.

Forum Thread: How to Import Virual Instruments (.Cst) Settings from a Mac to Another One for Garageband ?

Hi, I am a GB user for a long time now, and i am trying to move all my project to a new computer. Problem is : I definitely didn't find out how to re-install the original settings I made for a lot of virtual instruments. These settings are saved on my old Mac on : /Library/Application Support/Garageband/Instruments/Software, as .cst files. But just copying these files from Mac 1 to Mac 2 doesn't work. Do you know the right way to do it? Many thanks?

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