How To: Export your song from Garageband to iTunes

Export your song from Garageband to iTunes

After you've created a song you're happy with, you'll probably want to use it with your other projects, including iPhoto, iDVD, and iWeb projects, or just listen to it on your iPod. You can easily export your song from Garageband to your iTunes library.

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How would I do this from the iPad 3?

yeah great and all, but how the f** do i upload my song in full length?! from garageband to itunes. i do the exact thing i get toald and it uploads whitout the last 30 seconds every fucking time. HELP!

After having problems (running into a wall is more like it) exporting from garageband to itunes within ipad (air 2) and countless other problems moving my created work using ipad I have come to the conclusion that apple has completely hobbled ipad in a effort to control copyright material. In the process they have reduced what could be a useful tool into what is for me a useless toy. Thanks Apple. Never again!

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