How To: Remove Vocals from a Song Using GarageBand

Remove Vocals from a Song Using GarageBand

Do you think that Avril Lavigne has nothing on you when it comes to belting it out on the mic? Then you probably prefer karaoke versions of songs to the real ones so you can hone your vocal chops to your favorite tunes.

But how exactly do you get, say, "What the Hell" in pure instrumental form? Simple. Just check out this Garage Band instructional video to learn a quick way to take out lyrics/vocals from your favorite song. Try it and you can remove vocals from a song with garageband in your house today!

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Ok, so I just copied a song by Adele into my Garageband and I'm not sure I'm doing it right because no matter if I move to the right or the left and make sure both the tracks are married, I can still hear her voice...I have two tracks under male and female vocals. Do I need to do something different?

Yeah! There is a little thing. This method only works if the tracks you try to remove vocals from are recorded in MONO! This article is as dumb as the video. Very helpful really.. not.

I think most all songs have vocals in L and R tracks so this will only work in very specific recordings.

Anyone who says anything can't be don't is selling themselves short!! If only songs in MONO are capable of vocal stripping and your audio is in stereo, then use a program like Handbrake (free) to convert the audio track to MONO and then strip it! Beware though, this might entail using your cranium and getting off the couch or at the very least changing the channel

There is a fairly new app by Zynaptic called Pitch Map which provides functions to suppress individual sounds within a mix. This works by deleting the frequencies of the sound designated....However, it leaves transient noise and will remove any other instruments in that frequency....This is the most advanced of all "deleting" programs and it does NOT work because any sound in that frequency will be deleted...So you will lose other instruments while deleting the unwanted sound. Let me know if a solution is found...

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