How To: Add ringtones to your iPhone for free in GarageBand

Add ringtones to your iPhone for free in GarageBand

Want to learn how to add ringtones to your iPhone for free? You can do it using GarageBand. First open both iTunes and GarageBand. After you open GarageBand, click Create A New Music Project. Use whichever title you would like and hit create. Close the keyboard, then go to the bottom of the page and click Hide and Close the Media bar. Make sure iTunes music is selected. Next, pick a song. Click and drag the song title to the beginning. Then GarageBand will convert the file. After the file is converted you may hide/close the media browser. Make sure on the bottom of the screen that time is selected and not measure. Select the part of the song you wish to use, up to 40 seconds. Then select the Share menu and click Send Ringtone to iTunes. When you go to iTunes, the song should be under ringtones.

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